Saturday, February 25, 2017


I absolutely loved this movie.  I don't usually give movies reviews on my blog.  I wish I could go into details about it, but I don't want to spoil the story for you if you want to go and see it.  This is a simple movie about life.  It tells a story about a bus driver in Paterson, NJ.  Now you might ask, what is there to tell about a person who lives such a simple life?  And in the movie, we go with him to work every day as he goes about his daily routines.  I love that it's a movie that doesn't require special effects or doubles or anything.  As I tells a story.  And I loved it.  Go see it.  It spoke to me.


When I get behind on my blog....arghh....where to start and what to post!
I'll start with best friend, Jan's, birthday!  I did a sketch (truly just a sketch) of her to post on her Facebook page this morning....friends for almost 29 years!

I feel like the way I approach my art is constantly changing.  I'm taking a nature's sketchbook drawing class.  Art imitating life.  The class just started so I don't have anything to show yet, but it's drawing things and making them life-like.  My style has been leaning towards illustrative, but anything I can do to improve my it a try.  I'm also taking a fun clay class.  Hope to glaze and paint what I've created this week.  We'll see!  When I'm not journaling or playing with clay, I'm having a great time volunteering at my local library.  Our local paper did a story about my art journaling....
Me - Art Journaler
I wish "journaler" was an accepted word.  It always ends up with the squiggly red underline when I type it....but that is what I am, an art journaler.  It encompasses so many aspects of art...acrylics, inks, water colors, stamps, collage materials and art supply dream!

Can't do February pages without having some hearts.  The left page is a simple tree with hearts growing on it  On the trunk (too small to see here) it says "love grows and grows".  But my favorite page is the right-hand one that includes the LOVE napkin and a quote from Maya Angelou.
"I have a son who is my heart.
A wonderful young man, daring and loving
and strong and kind."
--Maya Angelou (and me)

Re-purposing snail mail
My sister Dianne and I starting exchanging once a month snail mail.  On these two pages, I've re-purposed items that she sent in the February envelope.  
This is the outside of the envelope I sent to her.  I had a lot to put in it, so this is a large, padded envelope.  And this last photo is a little sketch looking out my kitchen storm door.  The snow has melted....hopefully the last we'll see of it until the end of the year!