Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Mixed Media
It's a snowy, January day and I'm home nursing a recent foot surgery...getting a little crazy being housebound.  But I like painting snow...the energy of it whirling about, the different sized flakes, the sparkle...it is beautiful.  There is lots of color on the background of these two pages...snow isn't just white.  There is silver and blue and gray....The silver is stenciled on the pages through a paper doily and there are a few small pieces of tissue paper with silver flecks.
  Here is the tree....
This page shows my Labradoodle, Boomer, romping in the snow. The house is not mine, but I love little houses....

What you can't see in the photo are the flecks of silver and glitter dust that really add to the snow effect....makes it feel colder just by looking at it. It is a winter day.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Gelli Art Prints
What to do with all of the monoprints you make....?  Sometimes, you like them so much you don't want to cut them up....there's never any real way to duplicate  them.  The left page I painted the entire background of the page with the red and then I glued a 6 x 6 monoprint onto the page.  I love the complexity of this particular print. And at the bottom, also done on my Gelli Art plate, the word LOVE.   A closer look.....

 The opposite page....

I used 3 different monoprints and cut the pear shapes and added to a page where I had finger-painted the background colors.  I like what the bright pop of the blue color does to the page.  One of these days....I'm just going to do a journal with nothing but pears in it....I would never run out of ideas.  A close-up of the pears....

Start with ENTHUSIASM!!

Art Journal
Inktense Water Soluble Ink Blocks
Permanent Pen, Acrylics, Collage, Pens, stencils

The inspiration for this page is the word up on the left...."enthusiasm".
On Epiphany Sunday, our Rector does a fun thing....passes around a basket full of paper crowns and inside each crown is a word.  I've blogged about this in the past.  This is the art work I created based on the word I picked, a bold punch of color and some inspirational words.  I also used my Inktense blocks that my sister gave me for Christmas.  This is how the page started....

I literally put down blocks of color with absolutely no plan except that at some point....I had to fit "enthusiasm" into the piece.  I kept going.
Now you can see that I took a water color brush and moved the color around.

I wrote the word, January, and then I glued a piece from a Gelli Art print that I had cut into a circle on the top right.  I added words, some stenciling, and a bird that I cut out of some scrapbook paper.  I did some doodling and stenciling as well.

A close-up of the Gelli Art that I doodled around, stamped stars and outlined leaves with a metallic gel pen.  "If you could read my mind...."

Last close-up of a planet....This is where I LIVE.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Playing with my Gelli Art Plate

Art Journal

The left page is a Gelli art mono print I glued into the journal.  I outlined the female mask with acrylic paint and wrote across the body.  I still have not found the perfect pen to write over paint....I rubber stamped the "e" and collaged the 27. This art is on the inside cover of the journal. Larger photo below:
 At the top of the head it reads...
"I am the May Queen, a Gemini....

On the opposite page:

I finger-painted the background on this page and added the word "love" which I wrote backwards on the plate and then then printed on deli paper.  I added the dove and collaged part of a Dove chocolate wrapper which says "Listen with your heart."  I am starting the new year with....love.  Why not?

More fun with my Gelli Art...
Printed on muslin

Printing on muslin from the Gelli plate works really well.

I love the shadow effect of this print.

The last two prints are on deli paper.

I kept experimenting with primarily the same stencil,
 but using different colors to get different effects. 
 I used my 6" square plate for these prints

Friday, January 3, 2014


Using gesso, gelli-art print, acrylics, molding paste, rubber stamps,
 glitter powder, collage

Time to start fresh...new year.  Gotta love Michael's...buy one, get one free!

 I added a layer of gesso so that I could do something fun to the cover....

Gelli-art Print
I took some matte medium and glued one of the gelli prints I made this summer to the cover.  This is printed on deli paper.  I added another coat of matte medium on top of this and painted a sky....

I didn't really know what I was going to do on top of the gelli print....but I always love little houses....so I added one....and I sanded the whole page just a little bit...

Using molding paste and a stencil....I added the tree.  It's a very thin layer of molding paste.  I also added the windows and door.  It wasn't until I added the tree that I decided it was going to be a winter scene....originally, I was going to paint the tree....I love how the light was shining on my page as I took the photograph....

Now you see all of the snow that has been added and a quote as well.  The page has a slight shimmer now which you can't see as I added that to the page with some glitter powder....

"All journeys eventually end in the same place...home."
I grabbed this quote from our local, weekly newspaper.  It was the LOM (line over the masthead).

Thursday, January 2, 2014

1st Post of 2014....It's The Berries

Water Color Pencils

On a previous post, I wrote about my Christmas dessert.  A friend asked me for the recipe, so while I was home yesterday....rather than just typing it in an email...I decided to take a piece of watercolor paper and jazz it up a bit.  My first attempt at this....I wrote the recipe with a black pen.  I just haven't found a pen that really writes well over paint so I redid the whole thing and this time typed it out and added it to the page.  I've got to find a good black pen....
If you were to take a dozen of your favorite recipes and create a little art around them....it could make a sweet little book.