Saturday, February 22, 2014

Night Time House

Art Journal - Acrylics

In Process....
Gelli Art Print on the left
I'm at a loss for words here today.  My head has a cold and it appears my mind does as well.  I'm totally dysfunctional.  The Gelli Art print is interesting....I can't decide whether to alter it or not.  Sometimes it looks like multiple birds to me.....the right hand photo is just another little house painting....

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Art Journal
I'm still in "Russian" mode while the Olympics are on....not to mention the 2 feet of snow outside.  Colder here than in Sochi.  Russia is a mysterious place.  Today I chose to try another face and I had to bring some fur in....The page started with a map of Russia that I printed from the internet.  That was to become the background for the fur hat.   I didn't want it to disappear in the hat, so I tried to leave spots where you can see the map through the fur. 
I also chose not to have open eyes on this one and I rather like the effect but I had such a hard time with the nose and I can see that the bridge should be more vertical, not curving to the left quite so much.  I might try and fix it....or leave it as a lesson learned.  Practice, practice.   Close up for may bug me if I don't fix it....we'll see.  I'm starting to hear Lara's Theme in my head.....

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Russian Inspiration

Gelli Art/Mixed Media

Inspired by watching some of the Winter Olympics....and the fact that there is a raging snowstorm going on outside....I decided to start a new journal page.  Of course, I'm painting a scene that has snow in it but it also has a lot of color.  Kids don't know how good they have it when their Mom is busy in the house making hot chocolate, making sure their gloves are dry and has a hot lunch in the works. That's what my mom did...and that's what I did. Now, I just worry about the snow piling up and hope, in the end, that all is well.   The background is printed on deli paper. Here is how the page started....

  I glued a Gelli Art print to the page.  It has blues and purple and gold. Then I started to do a little sketching.   

Here is a close-up of the can see some of the pattern from the Gelli Art print.  I might have to start another page...or, maybe I'll go make myself a hot lunch.  Later.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Art Journal
Mixed Media

....Traces of love. The bits and pieces that make up fond memories. The 50th Anniversary of the Beatles is making me feel slightly nostalgic.  Where has all of the time gone....seems like yesterday....oh....that's a McCartney tune....Yesterday....I know the art doesn't have that vintage look....maybe I should have glued old corsages (I still have them!) and dance invites and old letters onto the page.  It's February when hearts turn to....oh 

The Beatles wrote Loves You....Love Me Do....I Want To Hold Your Hand....perhaps my art today should be about the British Invasion... those guys added sweet moments to my young-then date nights...yeah, yeah, yeah.....

Paint & Wine Class

Last night was another bitter cold night but there was a great turn-out for the Paint & Wine class in our area.  Our instructor, Susan, chose a winter scene for us.  She always has an alternative picture or two to paint of the same subject and I chose to do one of the alternatives.  She's a terrific instructor and I always go away having learned a couple of new techniques.  A really fun way to spend a cold, winter night. 

Acrylics on Canvas

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Mixed Media
I recently have been visiting the blog of Mindy Lacefield, aka Timssally,  and I am fascinated by the way she paints. (She's on YouTube).  Clearly, her art and her journey are unique to her and I am intrigued by how freely she paints....that's the only way I can describe her art because as I watch her in the process on her video....I feel like she just puts paint to paper and runs with it.  Maybe she has a plan....but I can't tell.  The end result is magical. 
Every artist has their own style.  Certainly, I could do a calm landscape or a folk art house....but I'm trying to determine what defines me and my art.  If I saw a painting of Mindy's hanging in a gallery ....I would immediately be able to tell it was hers.  Do you know what I mean?  The answer could be to  just paint what makes you happy.
  I decided to just go with the flow today and see if I could find that kindergarten artist in my soul and above was my result. All I can say is that it was a lot of fun.  And I want to try and hold on to some of the "play" I found in my art today.  Check out Mindy's art....see if you can find your groove!  Below is my kindergarten self....
Closer views: