Saturday, October 17, 2015


5 x 7 Canvas Board
Inspired by the beauty around me while working out in the yard today, I decided to do a quick little painting.  A spectacular day in New England....

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Acrylics, Tissue Paper

Where to begin with describing what happened here.  The inspiration for these two pages was my painting, The Girl with the Paintbrush.  I made a print of the painting on tissue paper,  which was run through my computer. 
I took the print and tore it into 3 pieces.  On the right hand page, you see parts of two sunflowers....that's tissue paper.  Then I just put all kinds of shapes and colors around them.  I have other journal pages that look similar to this one...I think sometimes I need a "warm up" page to get me going!

I only had a portion of the girl from the original painting to put on the left hand page.  I changed the bodice of the dress and the skirt is different as well.  I am amazed at how clear a print you can get on tissue paper.  Blues and yellows are colors I love to work with. I'm sure I've said that before.

 Altering my own art today!
The original painting on canvas...


Acrylics, Pen
I started this page by dividing it into four blocks.  Below is my inspiration page:

I tore this page probably out of a travel magazine...images of doorways in Morocco.  When I first saved the page, my intention was to actually try and paint the doorways.  What I ended up doing with this is painting the various shades of colors, dark and light within the blocks.  But I wasn't satisfied with that because I'm not really a "linear" person....I like circles and curves.  So I took a large stencil and sprayed over the page with black paint.  Still not enough...I took a black pen and a white pen and just started adding marks to the page.  Am I finished?  Not sure.  I'm just going to have to look at it for awhile....Here are the two pages side by side.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


October 10, 2015
This past weekend, my friend, Jan's daughter got married in NC.  I've watched her grow since she was about 2 months old into an accomplished young woman. 
 I've saved the pieces from her Save The Date postcard to her wedding invitation and assembled them here in my journal, Gifts in my Life.  I've saved her sister, Erica's wedding memorabilia as well. On the left page, I saved the wedding envelope and made a pocket for their Save the Date postcard.  I made it so you can slide it out and be able to read the Maya Angelou quote on the back.  I didn't want to lose the beautiful flower that was the inside liner of the envelope...

I used the polka dot tape to tape the wedding invitation to the page.  This way it flips up so you can see the entire flower....and when the flap is closed, it looks like this...

"Love recognizes no barriers
It jumps hurdles, leaps fences,
penetrates walls
to arrive at its destination full of hope."
Maya Angelou

Wishing them a happily ever after.....

Monday, October 5, 2015

Pam Garrison Download

Pam Garrison, Artist
Faber Castell Pens
Printed on Card Stock

I have done absolutely no art since my last posting.  I have such a love/hate relationship with this time of year.  My weekends are filled with to-do lists.  I can't be creative unless I have enough time to "get in the zone".  
So I was searching some of my favorite art blogs and came across this download from Pam Garrison.  How nice that she provided this!  Not only did I download it, but I sent it on to a couple of other people who I thought might enjoy it.  Pam has such a wonderful, light, doodling, creative kind of art so I sat down this weekend and colored it with my Faber Castell pens.  You might say....I love color!  I also love the saying she chose.  I can look at this every day and be reminded that each and every day can be good if I choose it to be.  I choose it.  This is a no-brainer!  Thank you, Pam Garrison.