Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Acrylics, Tissue Paper

Where to begin with describing what happened here.  The inspiration for these two pages was my painting, The Girl with the Paintbrush.  I made a print of the painting on tissue paper,  which was run through my computer. 
I took the print and tore it into 3 pieces.  On the right hand page, you see parts of two sunflowers....that's tissue paper.  Then I just put all kinds of shapes and colors around them.  I have other journal pages that look similar to this one...I think sometimes I need a "warm up" page to get me going!

I only had a portion of the girl from the original painting to put on the left hand page.  I changed the bodice of the dress and the skirt is different as well.  I am amazed at how clear a print you can get on tissue paper.  Blues and yellows are colors I love to work with. I'm sure I've said that before.

 Altering my own art today!
The original painting on canvas...

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