Friday, December 27, 2013


Rosin paper, gesso texture, collage

This is the front of the book cover for my art journal I recently completed.  Rosin paper can be bought at places like Home Depot and it's cheap cheap and comes in a roll that will last you forever.  My sister brought me a roll for Christmas!  We learned a technique at an art workshop several years ago where you take a sheet of this and put a thick-ish coat of gesso all over it.  Then you take items like combs, bubblewrap, bottle caps....anything  you have on hand...and you make marks all over the paper. Once that has dried, you take oil pastels and color the entire paper.  Use a variety of colors.  Then you take a paper towel or old cotton shirt and some elbow grease and you start blending the crayons until you have an overall look you like.  Once you've done this....the paper no longer feels like almost feels like leather.  Then you can rubber stamp, paint, collage...whatever you want.  The journal itself had a linen cover that was plain and boring...this is divine!  Here is the back of the cover...

Thursday, December 26, 2013

No Room for Dessert...but

Crustless Blackberry Pie

One final post about Christmas.  I'm not one of these organized people who knows exactly where my birth certificate is or my latest bank statement.  So when it came time to pull the Christmas dinner together....I pull out a folder (once I know where I put the folder last time I looked at it) and I start leafing through the from magazines, on computer paper, etc.  They are not in any order...just stuck in this folder.  It would serve me well to actually make some notes about our big was the roast, how did we cook it...what did we serve with it, what time did we eat....all of those little bits of information that would help when planning the next Christmas dinner.  Can't say at this moment that that is going to happen...

While I love the look of Christmas dessert and all of the amazing recipes that are out there....I usually don't have room in my system to eat it.  But you have to have something for dessert.  So I pulled out this recipe for Crustless Blackberry me, that didn't sound too heavy after a big meal...AND it didn't sound difficult to execute.

When the roast came out of the oven to rest, I made the dessert.  It only needed 35 minutes in the oven.  This dessert was so easy to make....and it was so delicious....if I say so myself....I couldn't believe it.  I served it warm with whipped cream on top.  (Vanilla ice cream would have been good too).  

As we were chatting about the dessert while we were eating it, I left the table to grab the paper and see what magazine I had cut it out of....and this is where it gets amusing because somehow I've held onto this recipe for a very long time...fully intending to make it.  The recipe was from a February issue of SHAPE magazine....1999.  Yes...1999.  Maybe it was a Valentine dessert.  It was awesome.  I put it in pretty glasses,  not too big on the servings and it made for a lovely dessert!  I know my photo is not the best but you get the idea.  And, it wasn't overloaded with calories.  Now, this recipe has to go back in that folder because if it doesn't....if I think putting it in a "smarter" place will make it more secure??  Forget it...because I will only remember that it was in "that recipe folder"....waiting for Christmas 2014. 

A Little Bit of Christmas

 The Kitchen Cabinet
 Around the Kitchen Window
 Accordion Santas I Made
 A Santa I have collected
 A Santa I jigsawed & painted long ago
 A Beekeeper, Santa and little stuffed Santa
(I made the little one, painted muslin & stuffed)

 My Holiday Lampshades
The Kitchen Window

A Little Bit of My Christmas...The Tree

Cookie Tree

Little Holiday Giving Art Projects

Mini Art
For your desk or windowsill

These little paintings are done on half of a piece of a watercolor paper postcard and placed into a place card /photo holder. Some of the holders are clear glass like the one above and then a bird as below....

Some of them I have left open on the back for the recipient to add her own personal message/art.

This last one is a painting of a friend of mine's new home.  I placed each piece of art in a cellophane bag and gave these as small Christmas mementos for friends.  I had so much fun doing these little art projects!  Now you see why I couldn't post these before Christmas....

Monday, December 9, 2013

Tis The Holiday Season...

Dried Orange Slices

I got lucky and didn't have to dry these slices myself...purchased at one of our favorite discount stores...and I put a piece of twine through each one.  Originally, I was going to tie them all to my Christmas tree, but I decided to tie them to live garland for my kitchen window.  Will take a photo of that when the greenery is up....I feel like it's too early to put the live greenery up as it gets so dry....

 Cookie Ornament

I made these cookie ornaments years ago when my son was young and I polyurethaned them really well so they've held up great.  I don't put them in the attic because the extremes in temps would ruin them....and the mice would probably attack them even with the polyurethane! 

American Flag 
Flies at the top of my tree

Whimsical Metal Birds
above a wreath of apples & bay leaves

 That's all I have to show for today.  Back to work tomorrow.  The house is looking quite festive....hope yours is too. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013


 Art Journal - Completed!

It's taken me a year to do this art journal (weekend artist) and I'm really happy with it.  It's very colorful.  I've learned a lot...about products and techniques...and also a little bit more about myself.  I look forward to starting a new one.  I really like this particular journal...the paper was great and the size of the pages worked well.  I don't know what my next journal will be, but I'm looking forward to starting it.  You just have to start....

Here is the last page....
I am least when I'm creating art.  I just traced my hand and embellished's the holidays after all!

  Just have fun!


Holiday Lights

Holiday Chandelier Shades

After debating for awhile whether I should treat myself to these holiday chandelier shades....after all, they are limited to Christmas...isn't that frivolous?  Well, I caved and bought them.  I just recently took down my dated, brass chandelier and put up this black one.  I know I'm not showing you much of it...but the focus is on the shades.  The dining room will look festive!

Spool with Red Ribbon 

I'm showing you this's about 4 inches high and it's made of wood...and I love the spool and that's why I bought it.  Yes, the satin ribbon is beautiful....but there was something about the spool that spoke to me.  If someone had seen this and put it in a box and gave it to me for Christmas...I would be happy as a clam.  I'm only saying this because it's really very simple things that make me happy.  This spool just happens to be one of them.  So Merry Christmas to me.