Thursday, December 26, 2013

No Room for Dessert...but

Crustless Blackberry Pie

One final post about Christmas.  I'm not one of these organized people who knows exactly where my birth certificate is or my latest bank statement.  So when it came time to pull the Christmas dinner together....I pull out a folder (once I know where I put the folder last time I looked at it) and I start leafing through the from magazines, on computer paper, etc.  They are not in any order...just stuck in this folder.  It would serve me well to actually make some notes about our big was the roast, how did we cook it...what did we serve with it, what time did we eat....all of those little bits of information that would help when planning the next Christmas dinner.  Can't say at this moment that that is going to happen...

While I love the look of Christmas dessert and all of the amazing recipes that are out there....I usually don't have room in my system to eat it.  But you have to have something for dessert.  So I pulled out this recipe for Crustless Blackberry me, that didn't sound too heavy after a big meal...AND it didn't sound difficult to execute.

When the roast came out of the oven to rest, I made the dessert.  It only needed 35 minutes in the oven.  This dessert was so easy to make....and it was so delicious....if I say so myself....I couldn't believe it.  I served it warm with whipped cream on top.  (Vanilla ice cream would have been good too).  

As we were chatting about the dessert while we were eating it, I left the table to grab the paper and see what magazine I had cut it out of....and this is where it gets amusing because somehow I've held onto this recipe for a very long time...fully intending to make it.  The recipe was from a February issue of SHAPE magazine....1999.  Yes...1999.  Maybe it was a Valentine dessert.  It was awesome.  I put it in pretty glasses,  not too big on the servings and it made for a lovely dessert!  I know my photo is not the best but you get the idea.  And, it wasn't overloaded with calories.  Now, this recipe has to go back in that folder because if it doesn't....if I think putting it in a "smarter" place will make it more secure??  Forget it...because I will only remember that it was in "that recipe folder"....waiting for Christmas 2014. 

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