Friday, December 27, 2013


Rosin paper, gesso texture, collage

This is the front of the book cover for my art journal I recently completed.  Rosin paper can be bought at places like Home Depot and it's cheap cheap and comes in a roll that will last you forever.  My sister brought me a roll for Christmas!  We learned a technique at an art workshop several years ago where you take a sheet of this and put a thick-ish coat of gesso all over it.  Then you take items like combs, bubblewrap, bottle caps....anything  you have on hand...and you make marks all over the paper. Once that has dried, you take oil pastels and color the entire paper.  Use a variety of colors.  Then you take a paper towel or old cotton shirt and some elbow grease and you start blending the crayons until you have an overall look you like.  Once you've done this....the paper no longer feels like almost feels like leather.  Then you can rubber stamp, paint, collage...whatever you want.  The journal itself had a linen cover that was plain and boring...this is divine!  Here is the back of the cover...

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