Saturday, July 19, 2014


from Kinderground found in
House Beautiful

These were apparently originally designed as 3' carpets for children's rooms.  I collaged them to these pages.  I added the black, blue & red paint around the shapes as well as the checkerboard border for some more punch.  You could embellish them more, but I didn't want to take away from the carpets that attracted me in the first place.  I added a tag that says Source of Inspiration, House Beautiful and on the back of the tag is info on the carpets.  I decided that since this journal is going to be about shapes and color and techniques, that I should have information on the original source of the inspiration.  I saved a small piece from one of the carpets and added it to the tag.


Collage circles using Gelli Art prints
Rubber stamp vine pattern
Pens and Washi tape & Acrylic paints

I've come to the conclusion that some of my art journals are intended to have some kind of message incorporated into the pages and actual drawings of people and places and things.  After doing these two pages which are not any of those...just playing with shape and color....I decided to start another journal that is nothing but playing with shape and color and trying out different art supplies and techniques.  So....this is what I started this morning...

Strathmore Watercolor Journal
Gelli Art print on deli paper for background;
Water soluble crayons around the borders;
$15 Sherwin-Williams paint coupon provided
the words Paint Palettes and the paint cans.

I often find great inspiration in home design magazines...for shapes and colors and patterns and the Pottery Barn catalog!  Can't forget that!  I have all of these blank journals....I might as well use them.

 I have a tendency to over think my art.  When I look at some artists work...their style is consistent, always recognizable as theirs. I know I've commented on this before.  I don't see that necessarily in does that mean I'm still trying to figure out my style or don't I have one that I can say is unique to me?  Who am I?  Perhaps it all boils down to doing what makes you happy.... :)  Less thinking....more ART!

Sunday, July 13, 2014



It's a quiet Sunday morning. The sun hasn't come through the clouds yet.   I've been wandering in and out of blogs and looking back through my own.  I chose this photo that I took earlier in the spring as I thought it was a good one for this particular post....The flower shows you how perfectly nature was thought out in Creation.  
That brings me to what is it exactly that I want my art to say?  And what do I want my art to be?  I do love working in art journal format  but I don't want it to become a scrapbook.  I find art journaling to be a very meditative activity.  It is also fun....not to leave that out.  Sometimes, I can't get the inspiration in my head down on paper fast enough....and if I don't, it often leaves me and I move on to something else.  I hate when that happens. 

Don't you ask yourself why you're here? 

 I do feel that art is a way of making my mark on the life...this is who I am and why I was here and I hope you like what I have to say or, perhaps, understand a little better who I am and things I care about. I don't use many words in my art journals; I hope the art tells you the story. On the other hand, what I've painted may have particular meaning to me....but to the viewer, it's just a painting. 
 I don't want my art to be "kitschy".  Surfing blogs of artists can be intimidating.  Do I use "time" as an excuse for not committing to doing work outside a journal...a canvas or larger painting on paper?  I'm always saying I don't have enough time....If I devoted more time...would my work be better, would I work more slowly and carefully.  I don't know.  I think it's more about...would the art on the canvas be good enough...that's always been my struggle on many levels...being good enough. 

  We are a society that moves so fast that we don't often stop and think...and then it's too late.  That's my Sunday morning reflection.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

For The Love of Sisters

Acrylics, collage, gelli art print, washi tape, water soluble crayons
The inspiration for these pages started with a "coupon" I received in a Valentine card from my younger sister, Kahlie (Karen).  We live on opposite ends of this country and haven't seen much of each other over the past 20+ years.  So, in 2013 she gave me this "morning stroll" coupon with no expiration date...a cute idea, and I've saved it.  You'd think I'd do a Valentine's Day spread using it, but floating around my art room, I was afraid I would lose it.  
The coupon was quite colorful, so I just grabbed color from it to do my doodling around it with paints and a black pen.
This might be my favorite part of the spread.  It has quite a bit of texture.  The background is a gelli print in pale pink and white and green.  Then I took a floral napkin and cut out three of the flowers and glued them to the page.  The piece of paper scrap with the whirls of color down the left side is a piece that I love and almost have none left, but it found a home here, also up in the right side corner.  Last but not least, the page needed a quote.  I am one of 3 sisters and I have 3 flowers on this page, which says "Sisters are different flowers from the same garden."
When you flip open the right-hand page, here is more about sisters including a photo of us from's faded a bit.  Make A Wish is from artist Mary Engelbreit.
Does this close-up help?  My sister, Dianne, on the left, had some blond locks then so it's a little harder to see her in the light color....I'm in the middle and Kahlie, the coupon provider, on the right.
Three-page spread open

I don't usually post so many photos for one subject, but there was a lot going on here.  I love the black-eyed susans....flower for the state of MD where we grew up....

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Acrylics, collage, photo
When I posted the right-hand page, I didn't have an idea yet for the left side.  Combing through some photographs, I came across this photo of Tom at Bethany Beach.  I'm prejudice, but isn't he just the cutest little beach boy ever??!!!!   Now the 4th of July art is complete.  Hope you had a good 4th.

Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July Spirit

Paint and Pen
Dog Under A Table

Having fun with a little bit more red, white and blue.  
Using Boomer as my model.....


I love this holiday.  I turned on WMNR this morning and Yankee Doodle Dandy was playing on the radio.  This was a quick page I did in my  art journal.  I can always count on Coastal Living or the Pottery Barn catalogue to have a great photo of our flag and this one practically fills the page.  Then I cut out the word HOME and added it in several places.  What you can't see is that at the very top of the page I had cut out "One of a kind"...I didn't quite get that in the photo!  
And how perfect is this sticker I saved from my recent purchase of American flag stamps!  Have a great day!

Friday, June 27, 2014


Art Journal
Acrylics, Pen
I had a lot going through my mind when I created this page in my art journal today and when I started it, I wasn't sure about painting it without the upper half of the body.  But it is the lower half that speaks to me more.

I have a new colleague at work and she's downsizing.  She is having trouble parting with some of the sentimental things, especially from her daughters childhood.  I told her how I always loved Raggedy Ann...although I never had one.  I wasn't a "doll" person. But Raggedy Ann is in a class of her own. She's more than a doll.  She's whimsical....and she is "artsy"... a girl who truly has her own style.

So I am now the possessor of this Raggedy Ann and she inspired me today. 
What do I love absolutely the most about her?  The painting tells you...her striped leggings.  I ADORE STRIPES.  I even have a Pinterest board by that title.  I think I can credit Raggedy Ann with my love of stripes from an early age.

Fast forward to June 2014, and my thoughts turn to all of the graduates...they're in this week's paper.  How could it be 8 years since my son graduated from high school???  This painting is a message for these graduates.  Put your best foot forward...find your true to yourself.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Art Journal 
Collage, Acrylics, Washi tape, Business Envelopes 

The DLP (Documented Life Project) prompt for this week is to use a biblical quote or quote from a favorite, book....etc.  So I chose Genesis...the story of creation.  My interpretation is a little bit funky with the mermaid in the window.  
A closer look at the left side page.  The bottom half of the page has pieces of bank envelopes torn to create the water....
I took some artistic license by adding the bank envelope window and putting a mermaid in there...there are no mermaids in the story of creation.  I put her in an aquarium...And you see the Holy Spirit in the middle of the page.
Here is a close up of the mermaid with a large sea shell in the "aquarium".  I found her in a Coastal Living magazine. God, after all, has a sense of humor.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


DLP - Art Journal
Acrylics, Collage, Rubber Stamps

My friend, Jan, inspired these pages.  I don't know if she knows how much joy she brings to the life of the people around her. The envelope on the right side of the page was a plain white envelope that holds a thank you note she wrote to me after her birthday this year. The envelope has a sunflower stamp on it....thus the pages began.  I altered the envelope and glued it to a flap that is attached to the page with washi tape.
This page includes a painting of a sunflower that I found on it; don't know who painted it.
Underneath the flap is another painting I found on Pinterest and added to this page.  
When the flap is open, you can see that I wrote "My friend, Jan, brings sunshine into the lives of others."
And when all three pages are open, it looks like this....the flap is from a file folder that I had cut up, and sprayed with acrylics using stencils and then painted the flowers on top.  

I've been "sort of" following the Documented Life Project using some of the prompts...but sometimes you just have to go with what inspires you...that's really what a "documented" life is all about.  

Saturday, May 31, 2014


Documented Life Project
Mixed Media/Collage

She's wearing her cherry dress
Didn't you have some article of clothing
as a young girl....that had cherries on it...
and you loved to wear it?
These pages are all about fun and color...and cherries.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Beach Houses
Part of the Documented Life Project
Collage, watercolor crayons, pen

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance, of picnics and barbecues and the beginning of the beach season.  I did the background of these pages in watercolor crayons.  I used little notecards for the houses and bits of scrapbook paper for the roofs. The American flag is from a Pottery Barn catalogue and the flags on either size are toothpicks.  At the top it says "America the Beautiful" and across the bottom, "from sea to shining sea."  It's not quite finished, but I wanted to get my Memorial Day post in!

As you can see, I still have to write something on this page.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


The Documented Life Project
Collage, acrylics, photo, pen

These pages are about my son's recent travels to Morocco.  The pages include a map, train ticket stubs to Rabat and Marrakech, and a photo of him wearing a Moroccan robe. I stitched down the right hand side with metallic gold thread.  There's a business card from a restaurant, and a photo of a resort where he celebrated his birthday, having a traditional Moroccan feast.  

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mother's Day I Wore A Hat

Documented Life Project
Watercolor Pencils

OK, so I never wear a hat....I just happen to have this one straw-type hat that I use at the beach.  Except this was for church on Mother's Day.  Meredith, a definite "hat person" at church suggested it would be fun....and it was!   I didn't see one hat on Easter Sunday but, for some reason, wearing a hat on Mother's Day just sort of resonated with us....This is my "sort-of", self portrait....except in this drawing I look about 40+ years younger than I am!  Oh was fun to do.

My nose doesn't look like that and my eyes aren't really that far apart....this doesn't really look like me except I have blue eyes!

My printer needs a new cartridge....looking a bit on the purple side here!

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Documented Life Project - A Wedding

A Page from Life
A Wedding
My Best Friend's Daughter

My version of the Documented Life Project isn't following the exact course of a calendar year because I didn't start in January.  So my approach is to put things in my journal that have meaning to the wedding I attended on May 3rd of Erica and Andrew.  My son and his girlfriend Maggi attended as well. It was a wonderful occasion.  The skinny photo on the right of this page 
is really them....the sky was kind of scary but the wedding vows were said and the guests had moved to the tent before the skies opened.

The right hand page was just the invitation itself, important for documenting the occasion.  Side by side, this is how the pages looked.

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Moleskin Journal
Collage - Mixed Media
The Documented Life Project

Using one of the suggested DLP prompts to create a page... which was to cut up a magazine....the right hand page is cut out of the Grandinroad catalog. This catalog features a lot of items for your outdoor living space.  All of the pieces outlined in black are from a page that featured outdoor cushions you could order.  I cut them into those shapes.  The cover of this journal in an earlier post says "Make A Color Statement" and this page does that.  Some of the color names are on the cushions like pesto, Aruba, cornsilk...luscious!

Here's a closer look art the bird page. The bird shape is cut out again from Grandinroad catalog.  The black circles spell out MUSIC.  We have a wonderful Jazz program at our church twice a year, thus the inspiration.

A closer look at the right hand page...


Sunday, April 27, 2014


Gelliart background, old postage stamps
tree cut out of old book 

To post or not to post....that is the question I asked myself about this page.  Using torn pieces from some of my Gelliarts prints on deli paper, glued them to the page.  There comes a time when you ask yourself....what do I do with all of these remnants of paper...especially when you like them.  The pieces get smaller.  This art is where they landed.  I had a bag of old postage stamps my sister gave me at Christmas (we exchange interesting things!) and so I added some of them as well.  The tree was something I've used as a stencil and rather then put it away somewhere where I probably wouldn't find it know how that goes...I just glued it right on top.  I wrote inside the tree.."There is no rhyme or reason for these pages, they just exist.  Joy in Creation.
The opposite page...

The right side has more of the Gelliart, more stamps from Bermuda and Ceylon and a movie theater ticket from The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel...which takes place in India.  That is a great movie so after I finished these pages, I took out my dvd and watched it....for the 3rd or 4th time!