Saturday, January 28, 2017

Artful Prayer

I love that I can incorporate art into my prayer life.  Lent is coming!  Last year the project I came up with was prayer flags which we invited the parishioners to get involved with.  We had crazy busy coffee hours after Sunday services with adults and children cutting fabric, drawing, painting, name it.  We strung the flags and hung them up between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.  So...when do people pray more if not during Lent?  We have lots to pray about.  This year the project is prayer tags.  These are made from the manila shipping tags you buy in a store like Staples.  This morning I spent time making some so everyone will get some ideas on what the possibilities are.  I have beads, buttons, fabric scraps, rubber stamps, paint, collage, etc.  They are colorful and fun and the prayer intentions will be written on the back and will hang on a large board for display and actually taken into church to pray with.  There's no limit to how many tags anyone wants to do.  The wonderful part about a project like this is that while you're making your tag, you're thinking about the people/cause that is near and dear to your heart.  Can't wait to make some more!

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