Saturday, January 28, 2017

JANUARY - Recording History

Boomer Showing Solidarity
for the Women's March

Duly Noted - Election day

CAUCUS - cawcus
Lots of noise in Washington

Boomer and I meet
nice people on our walks
Boomer and I went for a walk this week and met Ann, a grandmother visiting her family here and she was walking with her grandson.  So we ended up walking together!  It was so nice.  Her grandson had on his yellow rubber boots and chatted up a storm.  I'm at the very back of my journal so it doesn't lay flat anymore.  That makes it difficult to take a photo.  So February will start a new book!
Pages I retrieved from a water damaged book
These beautiful pages were from the inside front and back of a hard bound book that was donated to our local library.  The book itself was water damaged so unable to be set aside for our book fair.  Before putting it in the recycling box, I did save these papers to use in my journals.  So beautiful.   Volunteering at my library definitely has its advantages. 

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