Sunday, March 16, 2014


Book made of file folders
Spray paints
Here are more of the painted folders
I'm only showing some of the pages because
I want to illustrate that among the file folder pages,
I have included other types of papers and
I plan to alter all of them
File folders are nice to work with in book form
They were gessoed on both sides prior to painting
Each folder was ripped in half prior to painting and
then they were folded in half again to make the book
The finished book is approximately 5 x 8.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Colors of Morocco

Art Journal
I love the colors of Morocco....the blues especially.  I read today that they use a lot of blue to ward off evil spirits.  I worked on this particular painting for quite awhile trying to get the perspective right.  If you want to work on perspective....try drawing these intricate entrances to the riads of Morocco.  I found this one on Pinterest.  I have another painting that I started that is much more blue....but it needs much more work so we'll see if I can finish that one.  Here is a closer look....

of the shuttered window, the blue tile, the pots and the clay tile flooring.  It's done in my sort of primitive style...when your style is primitive, you can get away with more least that's my philosophy!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Paint & Wine Class

This is my version of a painting by
Tom Brown
We had another wonderful class....I can't say enough about these classes....I look forward to them every month.  I always learn something and it's really fun to see what the rest of the class does...we're all looking at the same painting, but everyone puts their own personal style and spin on it.  This is just a simple barn in a snowy landscape.  And its the last snow scene we'll be doing for 2014!!