Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Lights

Holiday Chandelier Shades

After debating for awhile whether I should treat myself to these holiday chandelier shades....after all, they are limited to Christmas...isn't that frivolous?  Well, I caved and bought them.  I just recently took down my dated, brass chandelier and put up this black one.  I know I'm not showing you much of it...but the focus is on the shades.  The dining room will look festive!

Spool with Red Ribbon 

I'm showing you this's about 4 inches high and it's made of wood...and I love the spool and that's why I bought it.  Yes, the satin ribbon is beautiful....but there was something about the spool that spoke to me.  If someone had seen this and put it in a box and gave it to me for Christmas...I would be happy as a clam.  I'm only saying this because it's really very simple things that make me happy.  This spool just happens to be one of them.  So Merry Christmas to me.  

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