Monday, December 9, 2013

Tis The Holiday Season...

Dried Orange Slices

I got lucky and didn't have to dry these slices myself...purchased at one of our favorite discount stores...and I put a piece of twine through each one.  Originally, I was going to tie them all to my Christmas tree, but I decided to tie them to live garland for my kitchen window.  Will take a photo of that when the greenery is up....I feel like it's too early to put the live greenery up as it gets so dry....

 Cookie Ornament

I made these cookie ornaments years ago when my son was young and I polyurethaned them really well so they've held up great.  I don't put them in the attic because the extremes in temps would ruin them....and the mice would probably attack them even with the polyurethane! 

American Flag 
Flies at the top of my tree

Whimsical Metal Birds
above a wreath of apples & bay leaves

 That's all I have to show for today.  Back to work tomorrow.  The house is looking quite festive....hope yours is too. 

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