Sunday, February 16, 2014


Art Journal
I'm still in "Russian" mode while the Olympics are on....not to mention the 2 feet of snow outside.  Colder here than in Sochi.  Russia is a mysterious place.  Today I chose to try another face and I had to bring some fur in....The page started with a map of Russia that I printed from the internet.  That was to become the background for the fur hat.   I didn't want it to disappear in the hat, so I tried to leave spots where you can see the map through the fur. 
I also chose not to have open eyes on this one and I rather like the effect but I had such a hard time with the nose and I can see that the bridge should be more vertical, not curving to the left quite so much.  I might try and fix it....or leave it as a lesson learned.  Practice, practice.   Close up for may bug me if I don't fix it....we'll see.  I'm starting to hear Lara's Theme in my head.....

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