Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Playing with my Gelli Art Plate

Art Journal

The left page is a Gelli art mono print I glued into the journal.  I outlined the female mask with acrylic paint and wrote across the body.  I still have not found the perfect pen to write over paint....I rubber stamped the "e" and collaged the 27. This art is on the inside cover of the journal. Larger photo below:
 At the top of the head it reads...
"I am the May Queen, a Gemini....

On the opposite page:

I finger-painted the background on this page and added the word "love" which I wrote backwards on the plate and then then printed on deli paper.  I added the dove and collaged part of a Dove chocolate wrapper which says "Listen with your heart."  I am starting the new year with....love.  Why not?

More fun with my Gelli Art...
Printed on muslin

Printing on muslin from the Gelli plate works really well.

I love the shadow effect of this print.

The last two prints are on deli paper.

I kept experimenting with primarily the same stencil,
 but using different colors to get different effects. 
 I used my 6" square plate for these prints

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