Saturday, April 19, 2008

Art Retreat/Workshops

My sister and I recently visited this wonderful inn in the Hudson River Valley of NY. We were there for an "unstructured" art retreat. This inn is host to art workshops almost every week of the year, but during a couple of times of the year, you can stay here, use their art studio and do your own thing. We had a wonderful time. The innkeepers, Kim and Mark LaPolla are very gracious, fun and creative people. Kim is a fiber artist & chef and she makes amazing cookies. Mark is a chef and chocolatier, with a blog titled Life by Chocolate. We met some wonderful artists while we were there and had lively dinner discussions. Check out their inn and to die for Hudson River Valley Art Workshops.

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Hey, I-Lean - I like the direction your blog is taking! Looking better and better! :)