Monday, February 16, 2009


The theme for February for Creative Every words. I could have put down all of those words that express....feelings....but I decided to take another that I've always been curious about and that is.....where do paint companies come up with the names they give their paints/paint chips??? And are we influenced by those names when we choose our colors or are we beyond that...focused on the color we really want to select whether it's called "chocolate mink" or "lavender lipstick"? Speaking of lipsticks...there is a similarity there as well...I can remember my mother...back in the '50's and her favorite color was...Persian Melon. What color does that suggest to you? My den, where I spend a lot of chili pepper red....and I love it! time you head for the paint store....what's it going to about "banana split!"


Leah said...

hehe!! What a fun job it would be to name the colors! I love what you were inspired to do with words. So fun!!

simply blue said...

Thanks, Leah! I really do wonder how they do it! So many dupes!