Friday, May 22, 2009

Do You Believe in Angels?

I had an interesting experience today at a car wash. I was waiting outside along with a few others as the car wash guys were vacuuming and finishing up and I struck up a conversation with an elderly woman standing next to me. I was commenting on the cost of getting your car washed these days and she shared with me that she was 81 and, of course, she certainly had seen the price escalate in her long life. While I was standing there, I had been trying to guess which cars belonged to which people...could I match the cars to the "personality" of the owners? Well....the snazzy red Subaru belonged to the elderly woman! We had a short discussion about it....she said she bought it last year and that she was blessed....I figured she must have gotten a good deal! She said there are angels among us. Her car was ready and we wished each other a pleasant weekend and she went over to her car. Then she came back, as I was sitting on the bench waiting for my car, and she said, "I have to give you this" and I looked at my hand into which she had placed a very small angel that was wrapped in a cellophane wrapper....and as she turned to walk away, I thanked her. I watched her as she climbed into her snazzy, red coupe and she gave me a slight wave and I waved back. I can't stop thinking about her.


Morna said...

Well, Eileen, you were my angel for a while there ... yes, I believe in angels.

Beverley Baird said...

Yes I definitely believe in angels.
Lovely story.
I see you like bleeding hearts as well!
Do take care.

simply blue said...

I am intrigued by the lovely woman giving me the angel...I wonder if she has a stash of them in her red coupe...I like to think not....!