Thursday, June 25, 2009

Snippets from Parris Is.

I want to share a little bit from Tom's most recent letter from Parris Is., dated 6/21/09.
Hey Mom,
I think today is Father's Day. I sent Dad a letter a few days ago. I have swim week coming up this week which I am looking forward to. As of today, I have exactly 2 months left, and am definitely looking forward to the next two months of training.
I can't wait to breath the crisp, Connecticut air. All of the kids here are starting to get a tighter bond, although I do miss all of my home friends. It's funny how most people say you develop your friends for life in college, but I think all of the Redding and Easton kids I am friends with will be friends for life...strange how it works out.
There are guys here from all walks of life, some rich kids, some poor kids from the ghetto. 4 or 5 kids have degrees and there's a ton of guys like me who are college students looking to become Marines. One thing I have learned from my Drill Instructor is that the truest Marines are made on Parris Is, and if you can lead, they will send you to OCS. My Senior Drill Instructor is the most experienced DI on Parris Is. It doesn't even annoy me that I am here because I know I'm completing my childhood dream. Even when we are physically and mentally getting destroyed, the only thing that goes through my head ...well if this is what it takes, this is what it takes. I can do 26 pull-ups and 202 situps in 2 minutes. We haven't done a timed 3 mi yet.
The food isn't as bad as I thought it would be; they have all sorts of concoctions that are decent. But I tell you now...when I get home, I'm going out to eat a lot...soft shell crabs, lobster, steak and damn good cheeseburgers with onions and tomatoes.
It is really amazing how fast our time flies, at least the week to week. Just have to keep focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel.
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Morna said...

What a great letter! Say HELLO to Tom from us, next time you write. And tell Boomer I say WOOF! I'll bet for sure Tom goes to OCS.