Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pretend You're A Color...

So I was on the CED (Creative Every Day) blog and became interested in an exercise having to do with...Color. The exercise is about role-playing a color. Become the color...what are it's characteristics.... let the color speak for you...tell what qualities you have as that color. Let the color do the writing. a Gemini...I am having trouble picking one I'm picking goes:

I am Blue
Deep like the night sky
Serene like the ocean at dawn's break...
until a big, blue wave rolls in...and then
I am the color of my eyes, always searching
I am peaceful
I am the light and the dark of the spectrum
I am any blue flower
I am Blue

Now for the Red...

I am Red
...the Lady in Red in my soul
Feel the beat of a hot, Latin rhythm
Soft like the petals of a red rose
Warm like the embers in the fireplace
Creative down to my red, polished toenails!
I am impulsive!
I am Red

(OK, siblings! I can hear you laughing and saying to yourselves....what?!!! I'd like to exchange this exercise with all of you...maybe learn a little more about you.. We've all been on different journeys these many how's it "color"???)


Karin*CatMar said...

I love the way you described your colours. Being a Gemini myself I also tend to choose blue as my first colour :0) Thanks for your inspiring words!

Anonymous said...

oh i love this exercise. reading this this morning brought me back to about 9 years ago, i had a roommate then. i did this exercise and had so much fun with it (i did pink and made a collage to match) and went to show her and she said she was purple and made up a great purple poem and then her boyfriend did one too but i can't remember now what colour he was.
i am pink...
i am fun and playful
childlike and naive
or flirtatious and bold
sweetness and smiles
liquid joy

Leah said...

I'm so glad you did the exercise! I love seeing what other people come up with. I bet it would be a blast to see what your siblings would write. Can you guess what colors they'd chose?

simply blue said...
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