Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Fun Play Day

Last Friday I decided to take a day off from work and I participated in a Creativity Workshop hosted by Beth Sax ( I know Beth through work associations and knew that anything she was organizing....would be fun. And any day that I get on a major highway like know I want to do it because I avoid those roads like the plague....I'm a "backroads kind of girl"! So with my new GPS hooked up, I headed down the highway for a fun day of meditation, play and painting!!! It doesn't get any better than that. I liked the idea of this workshop because of it's nature....I knew that whatever I painted was OK, that I wasn't going to be "intmidated" by other art going on around me.

I wasn't trying to do a landscape, I wasn't trying to do a still life. I was inspired to put paint on the paper from a meditative reading that Beth did. It was so "freeing"is the best way to describe it. After lunch we did another painting. I had actually picked up an oak leaf when we had taken a walk outside thinking I would do something with it in my next painting....whatever that might be. So here is my can't even tell I used an oak leaf!

The funny thing about this I was leaving, someone said it looked like a sunflower....I wasn't consciously thinking of painting a sunflower...but if you look at entries on my can see how much I like....sunflowers.

So, Beth inspired me to create. We get so locked into our daily routines sometimes, so when we can "escape" that for just a little can open our minds to new thoughts and ideas. The Creative Everyday Challenge word for September is "inspire" and I continue to be inspired every day by all that surrounds me.

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