Monday, November 9, 2009

Where Does The Time Go....

I am so behind the eight ball....what an expression. Fall is zooming by and I haven't had time to blog. And I haven't painted. And I didn't carve any pumpkins. I did take some days off from work to get some tasks accomplished around here....that always makes me feel good. Not exactly a vacation. So I painted my guest rm, changed my den into my art room and decided to actually use my living rm on a daily basis instead of just holidays. I moved furniture from one room to another. I had "stuff" hauled away, firewood delivered, a plumber here, cleaned closets, had my car serviced and new tires put on (always good as winter approaches) and recently went on an overnight retreat. I'm in no way ready for the approaching holidays and am trying to "wrap my head" around it all. And when your child is all grown up....Christmas is just different...sometimes you'd just like to turn back the clock for just a little bit.

Because I don't have any "new art" to show, I decided to post a photo of Boomer that I took over the weekend. He really needs to go to the groomer, but she's been on maternity leave. So...two more weeks and he'll be able to see better and I'll post a photo in his "holiday do". Actually, he turns one on November 30, so it will be his birthday "do". He's a bundle of energy and so much fun. So...that's all for now!

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