Thursday, December 31, 2009

"You Stick To Me Like Glue"

I've been participating in an art project found online called The Sketchbook Project from The Art House in Atlanta, GA. (They are moving to Brooklyn, NY). All of the participants are using the same moleskin sketchbooks they provide (you purchase)...but they assign the subject. That's the challenge! A whole sketchbook on one theme. "You Stick to Me Like Glue" was my theme. The top picture is a reflection on my days in Catholic elementary school and the page on the right shows a "board game". As a child, I played many board games with my 3 siblings and I tied in the rosary as it reminded me of a "game board" . The bottom photos in my sketchbook represent things you can't change....your gene pool. You can embellish and improve, but the blueprint is there. The hand shows many of the things found in our "blueprint". I also did pen and ink sketches of my dog, Boomer, and more. These sketchbooks become part of a traveling exhibit and will be first displayed at a gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Kind of fun.

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