Saturday, January 23, 2010

That Special Something....

I've been working on my "art space" and I found the piece that makes it fabulous.  This chair.  I've always wanted a zebra print chair, but never really had the right spot for it.  This was a find.  I love it!  Now I better get creative.

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Sharon said...

Oh my goodness, that chair is to die for and how perfect for art space. Hi, I got your question about my online workshop, Faces: All Norah'S. Yes absolutely this is something you can do on the weekends and the fun part is you can do it in PJs. It is work at your own pace and another fun part is there are lots of cool people there. The Ning site is really very easy to navigate once you are in and I have sprinkled a few helpful navigation tips throughout the discussions. And the other thing, there is no end date for the class. You can keep coming back as long as you wish. Hope to see you there.
Sharon Tomlinson