Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Process

I've been making a hand made book.  I find it a tedious process because....I am not a mathemetician, I have little patience for detail and I just want to "do it"...I don't really enjoy the learning curve part of it.  That's true of everything I attempt....when I was younger, I didn't want to be on a tennis court learning the game....I just wanted to get out there and play....and not look inept.'s my first book attempt.  It's made with signatures sewn together and the cover was made using a roofing paper that I gesso'd, added texture to, and then used crayons for the color that, after I applied them, I used a lot of elbow grease to blend together.    Then I sanded it.   It has 16 pages (32)The cover actually feels neat...has nice texture to it which isn't visible in this photo.   It's not perfect, but I guess it's good for starters. 
This is the inside front cover....

Now....what's going to go inside? 


Gwen Buchanan said...

Oh you are coaxing me to make a book.. it has been a long time now.. and I wish I had more time..

I absolutely love you picture on the side bar of your workspace with the window behind and the title of no where to work.. I know exactly what you mean.. this always happens..

sophiedc said...

sweetie, the beautiful thing about a handmade book is the `non perfect` side of it, I love the sides being not straight, i love your book. Well done