Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Greetings of the Season

I haven't written a single Christmas card this this is my greeting!  Actually, it would be nice if I painted this scene instead of uploading a photo...maybe next year.  My packages are wrapped, some family arrives today...I need to vacuum and dust and make a pot of soup.  I don't need to leave my house today...thank goodness!  In's a "gridlock alert" day! What does that tell you....can't we turn back the clock and just simplify the season a bit and remember what we're really celebrating here?  Retailers rush us from one holiday to the could actually find your Valentine a gift today...I've already seen them in the stores.  I'm just going to "tune out" all of this commercial stuff and enjoy my family, good food and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

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Morna Crites-Moore ~Wicked Waif ~ said...

Eileen - I didn't send a single Christmas card this year either! Now I have to resist the impulse to send out "sorry I didn't send you a Christmas card" cards. :-)