Sunday, April 10, 2011

Word Journal - Papyrus

I chose the word papyrus for my word journal/altered book this week.  I used some brown grocery bag paper for the background of the two pages and I folded over the "pyramid" pages to make a pocket on the right that contains a mini book and the one on the left opens to reveal a picture underneath.
The pyramids are gold paint, and there is a little paper bead I made, securing the pocket.

Above is the left page. Across the very bottom which you can't see, is the word papyrus, repeated all of the way across....sorry about that! The images are from a book I got at our local library book fair last year for $2....a hardbound book printed in 1948 entitled The Book of Costume, Vol. I.  Wish I had Vol. II as well!
Above is the right hand page with the little book removed from the pocket. The little twig attached on the right is from my yard...I thought it looked like a writing implement. This is a notecard from The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I added pages to the opens to reveal....

  There you have

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