Sunday, August 21, 2011

ART - Just Do What You Like!

I really like having different altered books to work in at the same time, because if I'm not in the mood for one subject... I can just pick up another book and work on ...that subject.


Here is what I did this weekend.  I love my art supply cabinet, which I have photographed on earlier entries on this blog, but I decided to do a drawing of it and put it in this book....well, it had to be there, because I love this cabinet and isn't "home" all about putting things in it that you love?


Gwen Buchanan said...

You have so creative... page after page of your imagination coming to reality... this must feel so good!! ohh I'm so wistful for doing artsy things again real soon, I can hardly wait.. and gifts from the talented Morna.. wow.. you are blessed!!!..

Emelie said...

Yes doing wahat we feel drawn to at the moment, things go well then I think.

You have a great storage cabinet for you arat supplies. It is a work of art also.