Monday, September 5, 2011

On Labor Day....I Labor

I know it's still summer on the calendar, but not being at work today, I can get things done at I changed my kitchen cabinet into Fall is my favorite season.  Pretty soon I won't have time to do the indoor "stuff" because the outdoor chores will be calling....the leaves, small painting jobs and odds and ends.  I'm into closets and getting rid of all of those manuals for appliances I no longer own, found lots of batteries...they would have come in handy last week had I known....and I have more of those outlet strips....I'll probably never need to buy another one.  I found my First Communion prayer book!  I'll add that to my mini book collection.  I can't dawdle here...there's more to do!
 I bought this sparkly crow and tiny pumpkins that fill this cupcake holder and... I picked up a mini book at our library book fair this weekend...The Raven and Three Tales of Horror by Edgar Allen Poe.  This isn't about Halloween...I just think crows are interesting...