Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mother's Day I Wore A Hat

Documented Life Project
Watercolor Pencils

OK, so I never wear a hat....I just happen to have this one straw-type hat that I use at the beach.  Except this was for church on Mother's Day.  Meredith, a definite "hat person" at church suggested it would be fun....and it was!   I didn't see one hat on Easter Sunday but, for some reason, wearing a hat on Mother's Day just sort of resonated with us....This is my "sort-of", self portrait....except in this drawing I look about 40+ years younger than I am!  Oh was fun to do.

My nose doesn't look like that and my eyes aren't really that far apart....this doesn't really look like me except I have blue eyes!

My printer needs a new cartridge....looking a bit on the purple side here!

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