Sunday, September 7, 2014



These paintings came out of my head.  By that, I mean that I didn't have any photos to get my bearings.  I wanted to do a face....and from there it became the island woman.  I did the single painting first.  And I like her.  That left me with the left side page....what to do.  My book is getting difficult to work in because the left side has so many completed pages that I can't lay the book flat.  I decided to continue with the island women theme and painted some friends for the single woman.  
I drew the shapes first and then colored them in with my watercolor pencils.
Not sure what's on her mind, but I like the way the skin tones came out.

These young women are ready for a cool stroll on the beach.  Here's a close-up of them....
I decided to forgo faces on the smaller surfaces, but I should have added a big flower on a headpiece or dress....oh well. it bothered me that I didn't have any flowers for the island women... so I went back and added a couple.  Now it's done.

PAINT & WINE class last night.  We did a Gauguin painting.  Not my best effort and it wasn't one of my favorite paintings...but perhaps that's where the inspiration for the colorful island women came from.  It is always a fun time!

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