Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mystele Kirkeeng -Artist


I got excited when I saw a new video from this artist, Mystele.  First of all, her name alone is "artistic"!  Wouldn't you want to know more about a person with such an interesting name...Mystele Kirkeeng.
The first time I saw one of her videos, I was intrigued by her approach to art.  She paints and draws with both her right and left hands!  She does very interesting, layered backgrounds.  As I watched this particular video this morning, I'm thinking...where is this going to is it going to end up looking like anything...but it does in the end.  She's using up some old art supplies in her stash on this video and it's these little pieces that she transfers to the pages, that give her direction as she applies colors and marks on the pages.  Mystele loves to do faces.  
The most important part of this video is what she shares about the process, why she does art journaling, what it tells her about herself.  As you watch, listen to what she says about this at the end of her video.  
I'm always hearing people say....I don't know how to draw or paint.  On the other hand...I think a lot of people would enjoy art don't have to know how to draw and you really only need a few supplies.  We all have something to can do it in color and without words if you like.  You'll still get the message across.  And it's fun.  

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