Friday, November 14, 2014


24 x 36 - Acrylics

I started this painting last Saturday.  I haven't worked on anything outside of an art journal or altered book for quite a long time.  But the time had come.  It's the dramatic mountains that set this painting off.  What I love the most is how all of the colors work.

I bought the canvas a year ago and had started a painting with a blue background and I had added some collage elements.  I wanted to start over with a new idea.  This photo shows where I used gesso to cover some of the collage elements.  I painted a deep blue sky and sketched in a village.

Because the painting is large, I can't get a good close-up of the entire painting so I took photos of individual parts.

They look a bit like individual paintings.

I'm still adding things here and there...I don't think it's quite done.  I am happy with how it needs a name!  It was so much fun to work on. 

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