Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dianne's Talent

Christmas is a few days past, and I've already "de-trimmed" my house and put everything away. I can only look at it so long and now I can "start anew"....We consummed a lot of food...Dianne was the master of the Christmas dinner....and the Christmas Eve soup...and pretty much kept things running smoothly in the meal preparations! But I have to share what she's been up to with her beading, because her creations are amazing! This is a cuff bracelet...took many hours to complete. Her first attempt at bead embroidery. The local bead store owners were "ga ga" (is that how you spell that??) over it. I keep telling her to get a blog started to show her stuff...she's the techie, after all!


beadcat3 said...

Thanks my dear. Enjoyed every moment. Wonderful we could spend the holiday together.

M O R N A said...

Looks great - I wish you'd make the picture bigger. :)