Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ireland - from outer space

What is it about Ireland and the Irish that is so celebrated? The newscasters are already talking about the St. Patrick's Day parades, the "wearing of the green". Everyone wants to have a wee bit of Irish in them on March 17. You don't hear that about other nationalities as much. Having some Irish blood on my father's side...have to say I've always liked celebrating in some small way....wearing the green. I used to have a button that I wore that said "Kiss me, I'm Irish" where did that come from? You won't find the answer here because I don't know...maybe I'll google it when I finish this post. As a former used to be a day you went to church. An excuse for getting intoxicated is also tied into the day...unfortunately. That aside, look at this photo. The landscape of Ireland is so ...beautiful. When I decided I wanted to post something in honor of St. Patty's day, I started looking for an Irish artist/painting to feature since I love art. And I Irish artist comes to mind nor did I find a painting to post. Darn!
I think I've mentioned in a previous post the names of some of the dogs we had growing up...they had a "play" on our name, Shea, but were spelled differently....and the dogs were French...poodles to be exact. Touche, Ricochet, Sachet....maybe we should have spelled them Toushea, Ricoshea and Sashea!
I'm proud of my Irish roots and my Cuban roots and my English roots and my Swedish roots.....and everyday I am proud to be an American....because isn't that what we all are? A wonderful blend of cultures. And now that I look at the would make a great painting!

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Danielle Combs said...

Having a bit of the Irish blood, how do you feel about the way St. Patrick's Day is celebrated? It kind of bothers me.