Monday, March 9, 2009

Tom's Birthday Journal

As Tom's birthday approached, I knew I had to get cracking and make his card...I make him a card every month just because I like to do it. But this wasn't just any card. So, as I sat down at the computer and started looking at photos for inspiration, one thing led to another and his "card" became a 30 page journal....and even that wasn't enough. Tom's birthday journal is really about a wonderful young man following his dream and his dream is to serve in the Marine Corp. A little over a week ago....he took the oath and is now in the Marine Corp Reserves. He will go for training this summer and then complete his senior year of college and then on to OCS. This picture from the journal is that of a pumpkin that I stopped to capture on a stone wall in Easton, Ct last October. And, as you can see, the message is simple and from the heart.

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Morna said...

The journal looks great, made by proud Mama. I am baaad because I didn't complete the cards for Tom. Darn! Adeline will scold me for that. Please tell Tom not to take it personally - I didn't make a card for Adeline's 21st either! I LOVE the photo of Boom Boy. I went to the website to contact them about a pup but the one I wanted was on hold already.