Sunday, April 12, 2009

April Creative Every Day: Color

Color is, of course, a great theme for those of us who love to play with color, be it with paints and brushes, colored pencils or even with camera in hand to capture it all. When I was trying to decide what I wanted to journal about, a word popped into my head that just embodied the theme of color and that word is CONFETTI! Confetti is colorful, it's fun, it suggests a celebration. Mother Nature creates her own confetti in the Springtime. When the blossoms on all of her flowering trees are spent....and a breeze is in the air....what do you end up with?? Blossoms of confetti.
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Morna said...

I love it, Eileen! And that picture to the left too - the song? I always have loved your depictions of trees. You should do an entire TREE CALENDAR. Do it!

simply blue said...

Thank you, Morna! You know....I started a "tree" journal a few months back....and I haven't been putting my "tree pages" in that journal! I am "drawn" to pun intended.