Saturday, April 18, 2009

Boomer Update

Boomer has grown and I've now had to replace his puppy collar (he's not even 5 mos old yet!) LL Bean has a great mesh collar that you can have the name and your phone number embroidered on it. He is the most fun, smart, lovable pup. I've been trying to brush him this morning which is always a challenge. I couldn't have found the more perfect pet for me. Had to share how cute he's looking this morning.


Morna said...

I'm jealous. If I thought I would get a pup as perfect as Boomer, I would go for it. How do I do that?

simply blue said...

Well...patience. It happened for me....lots of looking. I would find out if all Labradoodles are this good natured....he really is. Took him to the dog park in Ridgefield yesterday. Not to say he doesn't have a lot of playful energy....but he is so loving.