Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This weekend, my siblings (3) traveled to Atlanta, GA for a reunion that was 17 years overdue.  We gathered at our brother's home...the youngest.  17 years is a long time not to see a family member.  We laughed and we cried.  What really brought us together....was the loss of our  nephew, 28 year old Brett, our brother's son,  who died at Christmas time last year.  So I credit Brett with bringing us all together...only I wish he could have been there too. 
Dianne brought lots of old family photos....it was so much fun to look at them.  We spent lots of time on their porch... starting with coffee in the morning...Bill & Kathy's hospitality was immeasurable. We probably could have spent the entire time on that porch...just talking.  Suffice to say I could add a lot more to this post, but I'm just providing a glimpse.

 Bill and Karen

Eileen, Bill & Dianne

                     Courtney, Bill & Kathy

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