Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Red English Racer

The house next door to me recently went up for sale...a house with 2 young daughters and a puppy.  It got me to thinking of my own childhood...when I was their was the best part of my childhood.
We lived in a super neighborhood with lots of kids.  The Christmas I got my red, English Racer was the best.   We didn't have all of the fears that parents raising their children today have....we rode our bikes all over the place and we could go out on Halloween without fear.  Those were the days.  So...I went on the internet today in search of my old neighborhood and found a map which I used on the right side of the page.  My sister, Dianne, got a bicycle that Christmas as well...hers was a black English Racer.   Our bicycles were much more fun than a doll could ever be in my book! So...this is the latest entry in my Red, White & Blue journal.

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