Friday, July 29, 2011

Special Things...

You see a lot of things on my blog about my son being a US Marine and how I love the American flag and that I have a Red, White & Blue art journal....well, yesterday was a great day.  
I have a colleague who was in the military once upon a time and he still does great things for our soldiers stationed in the Middle East....but today, I was the recipient of a special gift from him...because I am now a Blue Star Mother...a mother of a son on active duty in the Middle East.  So he gave me a blue star pin that I will treasure and wear every day as well as a window cling and a small banner with the blue star that I will hang.  People who don't have a relative or close friend in the military....have no idea what it's all about...  My son is the only one in his high school class who was interested in the military...or at least the only one who has pursued it.  I would never overrule my son's calling in life....after all, it is his journey.  So, above is a picture of the small pin that I will proudly wear.  Also in the a Red, White & Blue bracelet...I went on ETSY in search of one...and it arrived yesterday in my mailbox with a handwritten note from the artist..."Please thank your son for protecting our freedom."  It doesn't get any better than that's my week. 


Sewing In CT said...

That's a beautiful week indeed.

Emelie said...

You won't ever forget this week, and that pin for the rest of your life to wear, important so others can see and remember to take that time to be thankful for those that serve so we can be free.

We have a grandniece, Tara who served and is now serving yet in the US, we are proud of her, love her.

We are thankful for men and women like these, so handsome your son.

Morna said...

Hey, Eileen - Nice posting. Nice, nice gifts you received! I gather that I missed the boat on creating a RWB bracelet for you. Oops! Sorry!

Been thinking about you and Tom every day.

Morna xo

p.s. Both Matt and James Anderson are in the military. Matt was JBHS class of '06. I think he's a Marine.