Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"In The Pursuit of Happiness"

Rhinebeck, NY

My friend, Jan and I, took a beautiful day yesterday to visit the town of Rhinebeck, NY in the Hudson River Valley area...a little over an hour from our homes.  We wandered the streets, visited the local shops and had lunch at a very old inn, catching up on our daily lives which we have so little time to may be wondering what is the story behind the above always, sorry the quality isn't better...but Rhinebeck has some really beautiful architecture which we were admiring on our stroll.  We stopped in front of a building that had a very interesting front door, and a young woman came out and asked if we'd like to see the inside....of course we would!!!  As it turns out, it's a restaurant that has just barely opened it's doors...I felt like I was walking back in time as I stepped into the dining room with all of the American flags, the red banquettes, the pewter ware on the rustic, old tables.   It felt like the kind of place you might celebrate after an important treaty was signed... I could imagine soldiers here catching a brew and sharing a hot meal; the room on the opposite side of the entrance is the bar.  I didn't take a photo of it...but it is indescribable, the attention to details that make this room so would just have to visit.  AND...of course I loved the whole place because of the use of our American if you ever get to Rhinebeck, you'll have to stop at this place, aptly named, "In The Pursuit of Happiness."

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