Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Grace

photo by T. Sand
This photo was taken during the recent storm that knocked out the power in many parts of Connecticut.  I love pumpkins...they look "happy".  They are whimsical.  They come in so many shapes and sizes.  They are colorful.  And they make delicious pies.  So today, when you're sharing your meal with family and friends....don't forget all of the things you are thankful for...even pumpkins.  I have a wonderful little book of Graces so here is one for today...

This is a day for thanks.
A day in which we
see or hear or feel
the wonders of the
other moments of the year.
This is a day for time.
A day in which we 
think of pasts that make
our presents rich
and future bountiful.
This is a day for joy.
A day in which we share a gift of laughter
warm and gentle
as a smile.
Above all, this is a day for peace.
So let us 
touch each other
and know that
we are one.
For these and other blessings,
we thank Thee, God.

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