Thursday, February 23, 2012


I haven't added any words to my word journal in a very long time and I've been thinking a lot lately about my approach to art...I've been in such a quandary....I started out with my first art journal back in 2007, Simply Blue, and all of the pages are paintedI'm sort of a "kid in a candy shop" when it comes to art supplies...every time I see a new medium...I want to try it but it distracts me from what I love to do most....and that is paint.  I do love what you can do with collage and rubber stamps and paper....and wouldn't give it up...but I need to also paint because the more you use the skill, the more you improve.  In my art journals, I don't use a lot of words because I want the painting to tell the story.  In my altered books, I do more collage.  So...quandary is the word...along with perplexity and dilemma.  Each tag has a wooden letter bead attached to the string..didn't quite make the photo.

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