Saturday, February 4, 2012


I saw the new Smash books when I was in Michael's last weekend and while I was there, I said to myself....why would I want to buy a book that already has things on the pages....when I can create my own and have been...from a blank book.  So...I didn't buy one.  But I went back and looked at them online and decided...just get one.  I have to say, the quality of the paper is very nice.  And I feel like it's a book that I don't really care...if I mess something up...
I am always dog-earring pages in catalogues and magazines of either color ideas for rooms, or a cool gift idea, or a neat recipe that I almost never get around to trying or I have an idea for a Christmas gift...but it's only how am I going to remember it in December???  Well, that's what I am going to use this book for. Inside the front cover, I glued down a polka dot napkin and on the opposite page I created a pocket for some of those things I've already torn out of magazines this year. I kind of scribbled and just did whatever. The one thing I'm not crazy about is the quality of the polka dot tape because it doesn't stick very well to this paper so I'm adding glue...I think the paper is just too slick for the tape.

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