Sunday, January 22, 2012


Sadie, Virginia & Ann
Altered Book - Women
I received a really nice email yesterday, from an artist friend that I met 3 years ago, who lives on the other side of the planet.  She got me to thinking about the women I know and so I decided to journal about the women that I came from... on my mother's great grandmother, Sadie (Sarah) and her daughter, my grandmother, Virginia...who died before my mother, Ann, was married.  My mother told me a few stories about them as I was growing up, but it's not the same as knowing them...and yet...they are where I came from.  I wish I knew more about them...what exactly did we have in common besides our DNA?  Well, one thing I know...I got the "not so great" math gene from my mother judging from her 4th grade report card.   But I also know that I got her creative gene...which I am very thankful for.


Anonymous said...

this is so sweet, you have no idea but you give me great creative passion also ... I love the idea to write about "the great women in your life" so well done, you just give me an idea here .... XXXXX Sophie

Emelie said...

A great creative, meaningful idea and Ihave phoatos and thing to do this thank youso much.
I would really rather do artful things than math. With math there is only one right answer never a gray area. WEll maybe if I was math smart I could find problems with a maybe answer.