Sunday, April 29, 2012

Home & Garden
Altered Book
I haven't completed my Home & Garden altered book, but I got tired of looking at the brown cover so I painted the front and the back in shades of pale green, yellow and blue and then ultimately decided that the front needed...a home and a garden...a little cottage by the sea.  I suppose I could have put "Home & Garden on the front...but I didn't want words to interfere with the scene.


Emelie said...

Hi I haven't blogged much lately, but I had to ocme by and see what you have been doing. I sure agree with looking at a brown cover and wanting that done. Enjoyed every bit of work and the bride and groom. charming books you do.

simply blue said...

You are so kind with your comments! I know...sometimes we need a "blogging break"! I'm always inspired by your work, Emelie!

Morna said...

Love this cover, Eileen; also the bride & groom "series" ... have you seen the movie "Marwencol"? Try to rent it - or come here and watch it - it's wonderful. xo