Saturday, July 20, 2013

It's For The Birds

Art Journal
Acrylics, Joint Compound, wall repair tape,
collage papers, pen, tissue paper, printed tape

There are a lot of layers on these two pages.  First, a layer of gesso so the paper could take any abuse I applied.  Then matte medium to glue down a layer of printed tissue paper...of which it's barely visible....only I really know that it's there.  It was from a box of Grasshopper  brand shoes and the paper had green grass and plants on it.  I have some left and I would use it again....but then I could always go and buy another pair of shoes to get more of the tissue paper!
Then I applied joint's very thick so I used my palette knife.  Once that dried, I applied a coat of matte medium to seal it, and hopefully, keep it from flaking over time....I then added background color.  I was concerned about the center where the spine connects, and decided to use some wall repair tape...again to keep the joint compound from flaking because that's where all of the opening/closing of the book is.  Down the center is some printed tape.  After all of that was done....I wasn't really sure what I wanted the subject of the pages to be!  It was Friday night...then I had my inspiration.  Friday night is considered the first "date night" of the weekend and I decided to do birds.....birds decked out in their finery.  Lots of colors and patterns. Dressed to impress!


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