Sunday, July 28, 2013


July 26
Tusk & Cup Fine Coffee
 where a handful of artists met
to share their talents...

I have never made a junk mail journal....but I
had so much fun doing this!  The pages in the journal are
from business ads, restaurant mailers, envelopes, computer paper....
I'm giving you the page by page
so you can see how fun it is.  

Created from Junk Mail
The cover is from a grocery bag 
and part of a cardboard 
coffee cup holder with the 
Tusk & Cup logo
The bee is a rubber stamp
 The inside cover
I added a tag w/ a paper bead, and photos of
sunflowers I took a couple of years ago
and a napkin sunflower added at bottom
On the left I covered the page with
a piece of scrapbook paper and
collaged a flower from a napkin
and stamped the bee
On the right I had this wonderful little piece
that I glued to an envelope, "Be gining"
On the envelope on the left, I
slipped a piece of printed paper
into the window and stamped a coffee cup
top and bottom ( it says coffee right below
the word Up)
On the right hand page is a piece of advertising
from Paris with a map and I added the words
"Choose your own adventure...."
On the left is an ad from H & R Block
and over it I collaged a copy from a piece in
one of my other journals and added the border top
and bottom
On the right is an advertisement from
a restaurant.  The art was already nice on
this so I left it as is
On the left is the back side of the
restaurant mailing to which I added the
lobster and the border pieces, top and bottom
On the right is a really nice napkin with
lots of fruit on it and I took a piece of
scrap paper sheet music and stamped
the pear and added it to the page
On the left is a nun (obviously) carrying
a can of paint and I added the checkerboard scrap
and stamped the left and right side like a keyboard
also added a piece of webbing that is meant for...Halloween
On the right is a painting of a pig that I like
 Here I've added a page for notes and 
half of a paper doily
 This is the center of the book
with the doily and another piece of
art from another journal, cut with a 
scalloped edge
The other side of the doily and on
the right I collaged the heart, words and the
lovebirds at the bottom
On a piece of mail that says "Grand Opening"
at the top, I added this photo of the beautiful stained glass
window in a cathedral I had saved from a NY Times...
and to my own amusement and, perhaps irony, it
lists the "business hours" at the bottom
On the right is a small manila envelope that 
I stamped and taped with the polka dot tape to the page 
and when you flip the envelope over....
I glued a photo I had saved from a magazine
of this old, beautiful door and on the right
I glued to the other half of the H & R Block ad
a business card of someone who makes handbags 
out of books and there is some green grass 
tissue paper, a rubber stamp of a vine and a 
small piece (vertically) of flowers
 On the left is a photo from a magazine
of some beautifully done plates...
I happen to like the artist and on the right
is the other half of an envelope.  I put
a card in the window that says "Life Is Good"...we've
all seen that expression on t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.
and I added the bicycle stamp and doodled 
a bit on it
 The disk on the left is collaged to
the back of the envelope.  It's a piece I found in
my stash of part of a napkin that I put on the disk...a 
great find for this piece and on the right is an architectural 
drawing of an estate
and last but not least....
On the left I painted the paper, made
a pocket with the other half of the cardboard
cup holder and stuck in a "Tusk" debit card
and on the right just finished it with my name.
Ok....I can't wait to do another one!!!!

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